Lucas and Noah

Two boys sit at a table
In their Nan’s house
Picture books their study and intent
Eyes down in concentration
Nan is watching
Learning every day
A new event

These boys are my grandsons
Quite a bonus
For a life quite varied
From a standing start
A long road
With many twists and turns
Has brought me here
And these boys steal my heart

There was a time
I thought my life was over
No future for an unlived
When suddenly out of nowhere
Life exploded
A lovely girl
A son was born to me

Then cruel fate stepped in
Again to floor me
I lost my love
The girl who loved me so
And widowed I saw a bleak horizon
Endless days
And nowhere now to go

But life has a way of healing
My son grew tall
My heart began to mend
Illness came reminding me
To move it
Depression came
It turned out a godsend

For out of that
Emerged a brand new feeling
Of gratitude for life
Just as it is
Now grandsons at a table
Remind me I am able
To live each day
A simple life of bliss

Brian Fahy
12 June 2021

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