Geography or History

Where is my favourite place?
In all the world
Good question
Since I’ve lived in quite a few
Let me name them to you

Lancashire and Tyldesley for a start
A mining town
And mills
A great big heart
I love the place because
It was the start
Of everything
Everything you’re a part

Birmingham was school
We won’t go there
I’ve bored the world
With those boring years
And Perth for all its beauty
Set apart upon a hill
Won’t do
And Shropshire!
Well I’ll swear if you want me to

London was okay
But far too big
Clapham Common football
Pint of Young’s
Glasgow brief encounter
Say no more
The wise guys
Friends and more

Full of sunshine
Study too
Italia bellissima
The bit I knew
Then Kent and Canterbury
English tranquil
Lovely villages
Lovely English beer

Chawton village
Quiet time
Relaxation mine

Ireland of course
All my days
West coast haunted
Erris Westport town
Coastline of Mayo
Mulranny and Clew Bay
Now you’re talking
There I could settle down

But I didn’t
Because I met a girl
Who brought me here to Scotland
Yet again
And Stirling is quite beautiful
A pleasant peaceful town
I’ve lived here twenty years and more
It’s here I settled down

But my favourite place
In all the world
Is not geography
It is story
The story of my Margaret
Of Michael my son
And now of grandsons
Gathered round my knee

It is the story of the journey
That has brought me home to me

Brian Fahy
9 June 2021

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