An Obedient Child

My childhood was a happy blissful thing
Family Tyldesley church and school
Class and teachers learning
Football really cool

I wanted other people to be happy
I sensed the gospel thing
The real deal
I wanted to keep going as I was going
But a major break
Put a spoke right in that wheel

A priest suggested seminary to me
I followed as suggested
All I knew
Do as you’re bid that was my story
And so I left my home
A day to rue

Forty years I wandered
In a wilderness
Did as I was bid
That was my style
But doing with a heart
Was out of it
Until my heart engaged
A lassie’s smile

Whoever thought of seminaries
Needs shooting
And taking boys from home
Was just a crime
Let people grow up normal
In their home place
And chose vocation
When it comes the time

Brian Fahy
8 June 2021

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