Alpha And Omega

I did not take charge of priesthood
I let it happen to me
Not like football
When I put on shirt and shorts
And tied my boots
And went out there to play that game
And give out shouts and lead

No, priesthood gobbled me
And I stayed gobbled
A very long time

I am glad of God and gospel
Of Scripture’s daily read
I am glad the Lord listens
To my prayer
I am glad of scripture study
Delving deep in mysteries
I am glad that Francis lives
And has the care

But church no
I’ve retired
And retreated from the scene
I watch sometimes from Church TV
For old time’s sake I mean

The old is slowly dying
But new will come in time
They say we think in centuries
No panic no alarm

But I thank the church
For being church
It nurtured faith in me
A sinful imperfect creature
Both of us
We begin the mass Confiteor
A sound and solid start
And end with Deo gratias
That comes straight from the heart

Brian Fahy
6 June 2021

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