Across the road
Dougie does his garden
Digs and does his flowers
Mows his lawn
Makes his world all beautiful
The hours he puts in
Dusk and dawn

I get the benefit
The beauty
Sitting in my lounge
I see it all
Red and purple blooms
And neat hedge trimming
A garden round the back
A shed and all

He has got
All the implements required
Spade and fork rake and trowel too
And a machine for doing edges like a barber
Which reminds me
I need a haircut soon

Over here on my side
We just manage
To cut the grass
And keep the weeds at bay
Not as good as Dougie
I’ve reclassified my weeds
As greenery
Cause I can’t bend my knees

While Dougie works his wonders
With the wild life
I work away with the words
Alliteration may not be begonias
But words make pretty pictures
So I’ve heard

So we’ll keep working
In this quiet corner
Dougie at his flowers
Me with words
We make our own place beautiful
We tend it every day
Beauty in what is seen
And what is heard

Brian Fahy
5 June 2021

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