Brian Howard Clough

No one like him
Brian Clough
No one like him
Fascinating study for anyone
All his faults writ large
On public stage
All his virtues there
For all in every age

Let’s play psychology

The injury sustained in ‘62
And he but 27 at the time
Damaged him more
Than I’ve ever heard people say
He was just a lad who
Simply wanted to play

I missed seeing Cloughie play
By just three days
When Sunderland came to Bury
That cold December day
Saw Charlie Hurley play
No sign of Brian
Damaged knee
But damaged dreams hurt more

Too much for
Stolid citizens
Institutions are wary of such folk
And yes he could self-destruct
As Taylor knew
So sad a friendship never got repaired

But such is life
Nothing runs so smooth
Our hopes and dreams
Collide with the everyday
We fight our battles
Try to find our way

Peter Taylor knew him best
I leave last words to him
Brian talks a lot
The interviewer said
And Peter stirred in his seat

Yes, in public…

Brian Fahy
5 June 2021

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