We have argued over Ireland
We could argue still
The lives now lost
The blood then spilt
The marching and the drill
There is no easy solution
The end is not the game
It’s the beginning that really matters
How you start to frame

Our attitude to others
Is our source of liberty
The freedom in my heart
From bigotry
My desire to live in peace with you
No cause is worth the pain
Of seeing sons and daughters
At each other’s throats again

The world is full of rights and wrongs
We inherit the tradition
Imbibing violence of thought
Accusers of sedition
What we want and what can be
The stuff of politics
A patient persevering task
Not without its risks

John Hume stands tall
In Ireland’s past
His lineage an Irish presence
Great grandfather
Presbyterian Scot
The blend an Ulster essence

We must begin with who we are
Not what we’d like to be
Accept each one near and far
Acceptance is a key
I myself am English born
Of Mayo peasantry
A peaceful blend I have to say
I am so glad to be me

Brian Fahy
4 June 2021

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