Bullet Proof

The Wild West

Cowboy comics

Children’s matinee

Playing cowboys and Indians

Shooting for our play

Big screen films on cinema

John Wayne rules the world

Get yourself a six-gun

The gun will make you heard


World War Two was over

Then came Vietnam

America the mighty

Lords it in the van

Then came 9/11

America tumbling down

Then Bush and Blair to solve it

Taking Saddam’s crown


Unleashing chaos on the world

Isis Syria

Russia steps up to the plate

World gets crazier

All the while in USA

Mass shootings are the thing

Go get mad and buy a gun

Go and have your fling


Always and everywhere

The little ones will pay

Children in Dunblane

Their memory today

Now today in Tennessee

The bullet reigns supreme

Can you hear the crying?

The endless endless scream


Brian Fahy

28 March 2023


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