An old man now

But heart so young

A preacher of the Lord

Sunday appointment in the Square

To break and share the word


Today the tomb of Lazarus

An image of our life

When suffering and sadness

Turn our worlds to strife

When darkness seems to cover us

And there’s no end in sight

The voice of Jesus calling us

Here – Come out come out


And I an old man in my turn

Have lived a life like you

Have known its joys and happiness

Its sorrow darkness too

And deep depression came one time

To close the tomb on me

Until the chink of light appeared

And counselling set me free


So now the calling of the Lord

Has work for me to do

We don’t retire from gospel talk

Others need it too

And so the example of a life

Faithful in little things

Can show the way to everyone

And bring a life that sings


Brian Fahy

26 March 2023


+ Pope Francis greets people every Sunday at midday and gives a

‘fervorino’, an encouraging word to inspire people in daily life.

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