Seminary Song

Did something happen to you

When you were eleven?

Eddie joked a smile upon his face

Was I overstating things?

Milking it as they say

No I wasn’t

What happened was a disgrace


I lost my home and family

Taken from the fold

Put in airy monasteries

Forbidding and so cold

I lost the keys to my own life

Before I ever got them

Do this do that from hereon in

My own will was forgotten


Removed from normal places

Corralled inside the church

No local pals no local girls

Normality not much

Programmed for the celibate life

Obey and carry on

A boy went in a boy came out

The seminary song


Brian Fahy

3 March 2023


+ When you are inside a system it can be very hard to critique it clearly. You have vested interests and cannot comfortably entertain criticism. When you get outside the system then you can begin to see more clearly what its faults were. Roman Catholic seminary system took away from me my family and my local life. It also took away my freedom, urging me into the way of obedience and self- denial in ways that Jesus never intended. I was conditioned into priesthood and religious life before I ever knew what life in this world is about.

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