Claire Keegan ~ Irish Writer

Life’s hidden sorrows

In ordinary life

Told to us in simple words

The sadness and the grief

And with it all the everyday

Morning noon and night

Life’s pure drama everywhere

Hidden in plain sight


A quiet girl a holiday

From her untidy home

Welcomed in a warm embrace

She fills a heart’s lost dream

The rough and tumble of her house

Replaced by cool and clean

And by a couple’s tenderness

She finds a world unseen


And Furlong in his steady way

Works hard in Ireland

Loves his wife and family

But somehow lacks command

Until it is revealed to him

The oppressive Irish air

And Furlong finds a daughter

And his own achievement rare


Brian Fahy

20 February 2023


+ I have just read two short stories by the Irish writer, Claire Keegan, Foster and Small Things Like These. Keegan is a superbly gifted writer who does not waste a word or use words unnecessarily. These two stories have been a pure joy to read and in their quiet and understated way say so much to us about the public face of life and its private sufferings.

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