Brightly coloured paintings

Recalling vivid life

The Glasgow of his childhood

All laid there

That beautiful green place

So often grey and grim

Is vivid once again

Through old Tom’s flair


And I in writing

Wish to do the same

To paint some pictures

All for you to share

Just to show things as they were

When I was fit and young

And even things today

Just as they are


We do not need

To prance and preach

Or lay the law right down

Just paint a picture

Let us see the wise man and the clown

The Lord he spoke in stories

Inviting us to look

And share with him the truth of it

It’s called the Gospel book


Brian Fahy

15 February 2023


+ Tom McGoran, aged 95, began painting when he retired from work and his wife bought him some paints. His collection of streets scenes of Glasgow can now be seen in a gallery until 26 February. The BBC website also shows us some of his brightly coloured works.

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