In Noah’s Day

People don’t forget a devastation

The hurt it caused

The human tragedy

It lives on in our folklore

Our children know the tale

The water came and swept us up

And carried all away


Back in old Glencullen

I heard the story told

About a cruel landslide

That killed cattle in a fold

That was nineteen thirty-one

Another one came then

And took the bridge away with it

A new one built again


The flood that’s told in Genesis

Happened long ago

We hear the story told again

At Mass to let us know

How people thought an act of God

To punish us for sin

And Noah built himself an ark

To keep him safe within


And devastation comes again

In war and war and war

No act of God but wickedness

At work in the human core

And even this great earthquake

Holds human fault inside

For heartless reckless building

Has crushed a human tide


Brian Fahy

14 February 2023

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