Some Place

Lourdes is a little bit of heaven

On this earth

Dramatic mountains Pyrenees

The flowing River Gave

Fine hotels and lovely food

They’re French expect no less

And crowds of people everywhere

Souvenirs and memorabilia

And Mass and prayers and daily benediction

Torchlight processions

Catholic delection

And holy water everywhere

In taps and bottles

Yes and in a bath

And boxes for confession

And wheelchairs in profusion

The sick are everywhere

This is their town

The place belongs to them

And everyone is servant to another

Catholic communion

Sister brother

And at its heart a cave

A blessed grotto

And Mary’s name on every lip

And Bernadette Soubirous

For she is the one who started it

A messenger so true

No silly girl no fool

A witness true for you


This is a holy place without a doubt

The people come and pray

And go home blessed

I did

I have to say


Brian Fahy

11 February 2023

Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

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