Mid Week Match

I stood on the Embankment

Gabardine mac and cap

Drizzle fell from a blue-black sky

Illumined in its droplets

By floodlight lamps on high

Bolton were playing Wolves that night

I stood and watched it all

They beat us off the park all right

Better on the ball


Coming out along the road

A chap was in a yard

Night watchman I guess he was

He asked how they had fared

Lost two nil I told him

He nodded and closed the door

I felt a brief communion

Win or lose or draw


Bus from Bolton took me home

As far as Shakerley Lane

Walked the rest to our estate

I never went again

Not like that just by myself

Alone and in the dark

But it was a kind of pilgrimage

And it has always left its mark


Brian Fahy

7 February 2023


+ 24 August 1960. I was thirteen years old. My friend, David, had a cold and could not go. I would soon be going back to seminary in Birmingham. This was a little taste of ordinary life at home. It meant so much to me, and the lovely feeling of arriving back home to be greeted by my collie dog, Bruce, and to feel the warmth of family in the house.

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