A History Lesson


Paris 1919

A shattered world a hundred years ago

Leaders meet

Countries are redrawn

War guilt is assessed and payment set

Millions dead

Mixing into mud

Lost unknown unburied

Gone for good


To think that we would do it all again

And this time worse

More dead

A world insane


And since that time

My life has been in peace

Korea yes and Vietnam

For wars shall never cease

And genocide in Africa

Iraq and Arab spring

But on my continental shelf

I hardly feel a thing


But Putin is our problem now

This issue unaddressed

The prayers we said for Russia

At the end of the old mass


We need to pool our efforts

To find a way to peace

Or Boris Johnson playing Churchill

Will bring us to our knees


Poland was the issue in 1939

But quickly forgotten

As the war hit overtime

And Ukraine is our trigger

But may soon fall down the list

If the powers go full tonto

And the world is consumed in dust


Brian Fahy

4 February 2023

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