Bad Man

A powerful man

Brought low by a dancing girl

And by the thought

What others would think of him

And withal a ruthless tyrant

Willing to kill his sons

And kill a holy man

Tricked by a woman’s wiles


But he cannot suppress his conscience

No matter how he tries

He hears of Jesus

Thinks John again to rise

For evil never lets us rest

Torments our inner soul

Our origin is goodness

Our sin as black as coal


I read of Robert Napper

And the evil he has done

I read about his childhood

Evil under the sun

All sin is a contagion

This is our concern

Those who have evil done to them

Do evil in return


Brian Fahy

3 February 2023


+ Just as our goodness and wellbeing can be traced back to the love of our parents and family – we have been nurtured into goodness – so when individuals commit evil crimes, we can trace the story of their fall from grace in their personal experience and development. Responsibility is not simply to be ascribed to a perpetrator, but also to others whose neglect and harmful ways have helped to drive a person into dark deeds.


Today the gospel tells the story of King Herod executing John the Baptist. Last night I watched the story how the killer of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common was caught.


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