Brian Clough

The man was forthright

That was his great strength

Dashing centre forward

Scorer of many goals

But that same momentum

Brought him crashing down

Collided with a keeper

End of his renown


But Taylor came to cheer him up

Let’s carry on the fight

In management we’ll try our hand

Set the world alight

Derby Leeds and Brighton

Then to Nottingham

Should have managed England

But they weren’t having him


In the end the darkness came

A broken friendship too

Then the demon drink came on

We said goodbye to you

Forthrightness characterised your play

And brought your accident

It was your style in everything

All through your management


Brian Fahy

2 February 2023


+ Brian Clough was forthright in everything he said and did. With family and his friend, Peter Taylor beside him that quality could be tempered. When it wasn’t, he could say and be ‘too much’. His great strength was also his great weakness. But he was great.


Our paths almost met. I went to watch Bury play Sunderland just a few days after Clough had the accident which ended his playing career.

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