The Story of Your Soul

We think we know each other well

And in some ways we do

But oh the world we do not know

The core of me and you


Were I to tell your story

The journey of your life

I wouldn’t know the half of it

Your trouble and your strife


The outside observation

Can tell a tale or two

But the story of your soul

Is known only to you


The emotional mental journey

That you have lived till now

That’s a private story

Of who and what and how


Let’s give each other credit

For things we cannot see

And let kind consideration

Be shared by you and me


Brian Fahy

1 February 2023


+ The story of Jesus in his home town of Nazareth opens up for us the biases that we all have about one another, how much we will accept and how much we will too easily criticise: how much we think we know about one another and how little we really know.

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