Find The Words

If I want what’s best for you

And you what’s best for me

There’ll be an end to warring

And all hostility

And even when we are at odds

And cannot get along

The very least that we can do

Is avoid all doing harm


It makes no sense to harm and hurt

Someone who lets us down

It isn’t very helpful

To always wear a frown

There is nothing gained by enmity

Or giving room to hate

Pray God to spare you that condition

A sad and terrible fate


We must talk to Putin

Tim Wilson says today

He has good counsel for us

And the role that words should play

So persevere in dialogue

In all the things you do

And finally if they will not play

Then leave them there to stew


Brian Fahy

26 December 2022


+ The teaching of mediation is the power of positive intention and positive language. All negatives can and should be turned into positives. Jesus in the gospel writings is seen in conversation with all kinds of people, many of them opponents. His style is our great example of how to deal with controversy and opposition

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