The Way

People don’t believe


Numbers now are falling

So they say

We are humanist or atheist

Many say ‘don’t know’

Agnostic that’s the word

And that’s the way


But lots of things we do know

That’s a fact

Science is a wonder

Where it’s at

And philosophy is good for us

Helps us understand

And sense and intuition

Are at hand


But faith and hope and love

And stuff

They are ocean deep

As deep as are the heavens

Stretched above

And prayer can reach infinity

At least that’s what we’re told

It’s worth a try

Time that we were bold


And the high road into mystery

The high road into us

Was born for us on Christmas day

And that explains the fuss

Let Jesus be your study

Your mentor and your friend

Go seek him out go find him

Your beginning and your end


Brian Fahy

23 December 2022

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