Speak The Word

You are not allowed to say

You cannot speak

For that would spread ideas among the weak

And words would make us strong

Against a world of wrong

So you must die

And I will wring your neck


The Lord knew from the start

How things would be

His words would challenge

All the powers that be

Steps would then be taken

He would be forsaken

And finally he’d end up on a tree


Let all my words be Christian words and true

Let every word and deed proceed from you

Grant me grace from heaven

To be for this world leaven

Every morning let me start anew


Brian Fahy

23 October 2022


+ Today I read about a young German man, Robert Limpert, who posted anti- Nazi leaflets in his home town of Ansbach in southern Germany. He was reported to the police, arrested, condemned to death and hung from the town hall gate, just hours before the town was liberated by American forces.

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