In a Garden

The Garden Mass

A mass of greenery

Green stole about the shoulders of the priest

Thick red tablecloth

Ready for the feast

Mayo colours don’t you know

Green above the red

Votive lamps and icons

Prayers here are said


It’s cosy here a cosy squeeze

All the world assembles

Send in their messages

Requests for prayers please

Christ’s community microcosm

Ensconced in emerald green

Who is the secret gardener?

Such splendours to be seen


The priest I think

Green fingered one

Gifted in his speech

Digs deep for dearest meanings

Simplicity in reach


Pandemic caused this gathering

Transmitted to the world

Here the simple joys of Christ

In ordinary time unfurled


The film the folk the music

The sermon and the poem

And Christ’s simple mystery

Keeps us keeps us going

And round it all a comfort

A blanket all of green

Green and purple

Flecked and fair

Enfolds our every dream


Brian Fahy

22 October 2022

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