Silly Games

What silly games we play Mister Putin

They blew your bridge

You blew your cool

And hit Kyiv hard this morning


And that chap in North Korea

Playing games

Missiles here and there

Isolated stare

This is what we do when left alone


Stalin on his deathbed

Died alone

Hitler in his bunker


A gun put to his head

And Mussolini struts his stuff

And stuffed

Strung upside down


I lost my cool one time at school

A fight then in the yard

But I knew the game was madness

As I fought

But some folk think that fighting is the game

Patton’s life would never have been the same

And yet for all his tanks

A car crash took him



Meanwhile in Donegal

A nation weeps

A deathly visitation in a shop

The gas that keeps us warm

Can kill us too


Life so precious and so beautiful

We mourn in tragic accident

Dismiss in hateful war

Work for peace

It won’t walk in the door


Brian Fahy

10 October 2022


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