Soul Searching

No wrongdoing goes unpunished

The pain is in the deed

Even if the law does not catch you

Even if you escape imprisonment

Even if you are never brought to trial

You do not escape scot-free


Misery will haunt your days

Your soul is lost to joy

Happiness has left your house

No longer in your employ


You cannot escape God’s justice

It’s in our DNA

‘See how he flags

He whose soul is not at rights’

We have destroyed ourselves


No one gets away with murder

Or away with anything

In suppressing the voice of conscience

We suppress the dearest thing


They thought to kill the voice of God

That day on Calvary

And every victim in this world

Suffers same as he


But life is not to be destroyed

The Lord is guarantee

And every wrong be answered for

When we are all set free


Brian Fahy

1 October 2022


+ We often say that wrongdoing goes unpunished, but that is not so. Our very nature, created by a loving God, is such that to go against goodness brings us into immediate misery. Until we confess our wrongdoing, darkness will blot our soul.

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