When Fear Rules The World

When Word War One ended

It didn’t end

Years of silent sorrow came

Then years of poverty

And Germany down trodden so

Looked for a redeemer

Someone to unite them

Make them stronger

The strong man came

His name was Adolf Hitler


When World War Two ended

It didn’t end

The Cold War started

Each the other feared

We feared the Communists

Their lack of human freedoms

They feared the mighty West

Whence all their troubles came

Brutal armies advancing

Across the Ukraine plain


Then the Berlin Wall came down

And a Russian free-for-all

Until a strong man came again

To organise the stall

A Soviet KGB man

Tough and resolute

Top man like old Stalin

Obey or I will shoot


The mental game is where it’s at

The way we look and see

Russia’s closed in system

Nato’s military spree

Look at the world through the other’s eyes

See what they now see

A better understanding

Is needed – don’t you see?


It’s easy to condemn the foe

For evils he has done

Much harder to own our failings

Or the fears that we have sown


Some things cannot be settled now

Some things take years to grow

Some times we have to settle for less

To avoid a much worse show

Patience in our suffering

Faith in what will be

And goodness now in everything

Can set this poor world free


Brian Fahy

30 September 2022


+ During the length of my life the psychological game has been the suspicious look between Russia and the West. John le Carre wrote stories about it. That silly nonsense, James Bond, played games in it. We regard ourselves as ‘above’ Russia because we promote individual human freedoms as paramount, whereas the Communist state claims first place for the state itself. Communism is wicked in that regard, but so-called ‘free’ countries are not without guilt for their selfish practises. Pope John Paul II, a fierce opponent of communism, also had sharp criticisms to make of the West.


In the present state of world affairs, we see the plank in Putin’s eye, but tend not to see any problem of vision in our own.

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