Margaret died today

Ten years ago

Time has gone so fast

And yet – at times – it went so slow

And I was numb

And then was ill

And then depressed – I took a pill –

But counselling came by

And I am well


Margaret was a gem

A lovely girl

So glad I met her when I did

My heart she simply stole

Then waited patiently for me

Too long I feel but now I see

We courted through those years

In letters free


Illness took her far too soon

I never reckoned to be alone

The years I had would guarantee my care

But life it seems had other plans

And life demands you take a stand

Do not let sorrow win – No! Punch the air


So now in this anniversary air

I vow to Margaret to repair

Whatever faults and shortcomings in me

By being the dad and granddad true

For I am really proud I knew

The lovely girl

Who met and married me


Brian Fahy

19 September 2022

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