Real Ale

My brother lives in Lancashire

And often when he’s out

He’ll find a pub for a pint of beer

Sometimes a pint of stout

He often sends me photographs

In WhatsApp so to share

But it’s not the same as supping ale

And really being there


But never mind it’s lovely

To see Olde Worlde Inns

Inglenooks and wooden beams

Log fires and other things

It really whets the whistle

Oh to loll in there

And sup real ale and share a tale

In deepest Lancashire


My brother and I have often sat

And shared a beer or three

In the moors there above Bolton

Nat Lofthouse in I’d see

It was his local Chapeltown

Great to see him there

Mike and I would greet him

Before we took our chair


My supping days are over

But I like a beer at home

Maybe a bottle of Deuchars

Or Alloa’s local foam

A beer at evening pleases me

I’ll raise a glass again

To all my friends and family

Till we meet again


Brian Fahy

18 September 2022

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