A Parting Gift

Brian is good with words

That’s what she said

Maggie said

And I heard

After she was dead

And that was like

A match to light a flame

It’s burning still

I know no other game


I used to speak the word

A preacher I

Loved that too

To reach the heart

I’d try

And one to one

Confessional converse hold

The secrets of another’s heart

Be told


So now today

My biro marks the page

And every day

I’ll write

Yes at my age

For I am good with words

So I’ve been told

Margaret said those words

So I’ll be bold


Brian Fahy

17 September 2022


+ My Margaret died on 19th September 2012, so we are approaching the 10th anniversary now. Indeed the day of the Queen’s funeral will be that day. A conversation she had in the glen, Glencullen, my mother’s home place, a few weeks before she died was with Anne Carey, my cousin, Michael’s wife. Anne wrote to me in the days after Margaret’s funeral and she told me what Margaret had said. ‘Brian is very good with words.’ Hearing those words, as it were coming from the grave, have spurred me on, and given me confidence to persevere in writing up to this day. Sometimes we need to hear someone else tell us things about our self, if we are to have the courage to believe them.

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