Stillness and movement

Watch it for hours

Holds our attention

Strange in its powers

Sit by a fireside

Fire warmth and flame

Always in movement

Yet always the same


Stand by the ocean

Look out to sea

Waves rolling inwards

Flowing to me

‘Tween shore and horizon

Unmoving the scene

Yet always in motion

Invites me to dream


Now in the stillness

Folk shuffle in

Continuing stream

Silence no din

Candle flame burning

Guards there like stone

People keep moving

Eliza’s last throne


Brian Fahy

16 September 2022


+ Sitting by a living fireside, standing by the ocean, gives us a vision of stillness and movement that entrances us. Westminster Hall today gives the same vision – stillness and movement. They are the dynamics of our living world. Our own personal life is at its best when these two elements are in tandem, in harmony with one another.

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