Orange And Green

Pearse a son of holy Ireland

Took up the gun

And caused red blood to run

And shooting him

And the others too

Made Ireland turn

Against Britannia’s rule


But Ulster was so British

They turned too

Against an Ireland

That they never knew

They’d never give assent

To Irish rule

And Ireland got the Church

And that was cruel


The Troubles came

Argument prolonged

Vicious deaths and cruel

Both sides wronged

I hope we’ve learned

A better way to be

If not as sure as God

There’ll be more cruelty



The teaching of the Lord

He shows a better way

Always ignored

It begins with love your enemy

Do good to those who hate

Show a greater heart to them

It will come to those who wait


Brian Fahy

13 September 2022


+ After watching King Charles III in Northern Ireland and remembering all the vicious deaths suffered in that community by people on both sides.


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