What We Say

Mediation gave me a ringside seat

At other people’s troubles

To see the stress and hurt they brought

Emotionally charged rubble

Broken dreams and broken hearts

Numbed against each other

Trying to unravel ties

That bound them both in bother


Sitting there it was clear to see

How hurt so hinders health

Negative poured on negative

Would do anyone to death

That’s when you see the harm we do

With every angry word

Every accusation

A dance of the absurd


We need to say the simple word

Kindly and considered

Just build positive steps

To make life less embittered

Nothing is gained by negatives

It only leads to war

Speak in simple honest terms

That way we will go far


Brian Fahy

4 August 2022


+ Mediation training taught me the power to positive language in all situations: In personal relationships and in public pronouncements and in political dialogue. In every human encounter, what we say and how we say it changes the world for good or ill. Jesus is the teacher of this way of speaking. Examine all his encounters in the gospel story and you will see this power at work.

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