Before the Madonna

She kneels before a statue of the Virgin

And prays for all those children lately dead

And for the boy who killed them too she prays

For the torment that got inside his head


A child of mine? Maybe I’d lose my faith

Or feel it ebb away in this world’s cold

But from a distance God can still be found

Always there that’s what I was told


And Mary knows how it is to lose a son

And lose him to a violence so strong

She stood beside the cross and watched him die

A witness for all who would go wrong


Out of this world’s darkness here is light

The Mother of the Lord who hears our prayer

Ave Maria be our strength and guide

At the hour of death and now teach us to care


Brian Fahy

30 May 2022


+ A photograph shows a woman at prayer in Church in Uvalde. It is a peaceful lifeline to God in a place torn apart by vicious gunfire. We have looked on death whenever we look at the crucifix, and in that death all death is defeated. God grant them rest.

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