Mayo Bound

The train pulled in

Roscommon railway station

Grey stone building

Flowerbed neatly made

My cosy seat felt low

Against the platform

Sliding ever westward

Westward Ho!


Low green fields

Low stone walls

Stony county so

I am going home to Mayo

Going all my days

Never settled down there

No long-lasting stays


But I took Mayo with me

From the first time that I met her

She has been my sure companion all the way

From my early days in Erris

To later years in Westport

Mayo is in my heart

And there to stay


If I could live in Mayo

I don’t know where to chose

The wild west of Erris

Or Newport’s quiet views

Near the coast for certain

Beside that western strand

From Erris Head to Louisburg

Clare Island to command


Brian Fahy

11 Mayo 2022

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