This Day

So much lies ahead when you’re young

So much behind when you are old

Life is such a great unknown

Mystery tour indeed

But when you’re old and deeds are done

There isn’t much you need


The train moves happily along

To your next station stop

And today we are called customers

A name I wish they’d drop

For truly we are passengers

On to journey’s end

Long or short we are moving through

And each one needs a friend


My needs are very few these days

And happily all is found

A house a bed a table

This the holy ground

Soda bread for lunchtime

Fish and chips for tea

My son around the corner

And grandsons visit me


And writing gives me pleasure

To put down words for you

To share the vision that I see

Of Jesus Christ so true

You cannot keep all to yourself

The treasure you have found

Good News is meant for sharing

All life is holy ground


Brian Fahy

7 May 2022

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