Theatre of the Absurd

War films can be good to watch

The action and the drama

Some make very good history

The Longest Day

And some are even funny

Remember Kelly’s Heroes?

And some are pure make believe

Where Eagles Dare


But war is futile brutal

And today is called ‘absurd’

For modern day technology

Makes real what once was only heard

Reports from correspondents

Told of things unseen

And lists of names of lately dead

Were printed to be seen


But now the ugly face of war

Stares us in the face

And what we do to others

Absurdity disgrace

We can see this very minute

What a bomb will do

I ask you, Putin, take a look

Have you really got a clue


We were the same but twenty years ago

Dropping bombs but far away you know

Well now it’s very near

So say it loud and clear

War is an absurdity

And there’ll be more I fear


Brian Fahy

1 May 2022


+ Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General, has called war an absurdity. It is a very good word to use. We live in a visual media age and we see everything around us. War makes no sense whatever, but warriors are not bothered about sense, but power.

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