I remember playing snooker

In Hindsford Catholic Club

‘Paddy’s Hump’ they called it

On a hill

Freddie Thomason was the steward

My dad on the committee

Can I have a game?

They’ll let me?

Sure they will


Fourteen years of age

A full size snooker table

A dream come true

Just to step inside

Club all quiet early morning

Freddie at the bar

David and I played a game

My granddad had a jar


I bent along to take a shot

A red to the far corner

And in my line of vision

There’s a fellow a real charmer

Pope Pius X is there in frame

Nailed to the far wall

Keeping an eye on proceedings

Watching will it fall


In earlier days the club had been

A home for refugees

Folk from Belgium needing help

From First World War they flee

It’s sad to think the club is gone

New homes standing there

But sadder still that refugees

Still come from God knows where


Brian Fahy

30 April 2022


+ Memory prompted by the snooker now on television, and watching my favourite snooker player, Mark Williams.

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