When my father came home from war

He was tormented in his sleep

Nightmares came a-visiting

Enough to you weep

Fearful things he’d seen out there

Blood and death and gore

Now his peaceful days were plagued

My mother comfort bore


Tonight I watch a programme

Railway Killers tale

A man asks for a therapist

His nightmares to heal

For all the evil he has done

The lives he’s torn apart

He needs confession rapidly

To free his troubled heart


And now we see poor Judas

What’s in it for me?

Thirty pieces of silver

The price of disloyalty

And when he sees the outcome

A thing he had not planned

He threw the pieces on the ground

Went out and they found him hanged


And now we find the world at war

Russia and the West

Old enemies astir once more

Neither one will trust

So fear runs amok again

Nightmares rule our sleep

My father’s torment long ago

Our wounds run oh so deep


Brian Fahy

13 April 2022

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