Body Language Tells The Truth

He reads out reams of words

But he never looks up once

He does not look into my face at all

The camera cannot catch his eye

There is no light of truth to spy

His words like guns

Rumbling on and on


Body language gives the game away

Says far more than useless words can say

When you speak you must with eyes connect

If you do not then words fall to the ground

And lie there in the mud a useless sound


Trump of course flatters to deceive

We love you and you’re wonderful people

Comes from his mouth with ease

And the world is whatever he says it is

The American dream’s a nightmare so it is


And back in the UN the drone goes on

The serious face rebutting one by one

The evidence that all our eyes have seen

The sorrows of Ukraine upon the screen


The litmus test body language now

His mouth is speaking sounds emerge somehow

But eyes are all cast down the face is all a frown

You are telling lies telling lies and how!


Brian Fahy

5 April 2022


+ It is an insult to tell a person lies. It dishonours the human person you are speaking to. We live by the truth we tell. The Russian envoy to the UN was telling lies and his whole body language was screaming that such is the case. I felt insulted listening to him.


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