Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

I thought that war was over more or less

My dad had fought and called it all a mess

And I have lived without that fear or fuss

All my life no trouble no distress


There have been wars but always far away

Korea Vietnam Afghanistan

Falklands once and twice of course Iraq

That set up Isis and such cruel payback

And Syria don’t hear much of that


And now we have autocracy to fear

Russia China and dear North Korea

That little man shooting rockets in the air

A closed off country what is going on there?

And America still has Trump hanging near


Propaganda is the powerful game

Josef Goebbels knew the very same

And listening people take the message in

Supporting your own side is not a sin

Truth and lies will struggle all the same


The UK is still on a decline

A once great empire relegation time

A ‘world king’ for a leader

The Tories might implode

A shake down and a shake up suit me fine


We all have a particular point of view

It’s important that we see the other side

To help as we negotiate not as we give in

The dogs of war had had their fun

Time to call them in


Brian Fahy

4 April 2022


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