War Correspondence

People don’t behave in war

They never have

License to kill is what they have

And so they do and so much more


And so we find dead bodies

Stories of rape emerge

There’ll be torture of some victims

War is just a scourge


We put soldiers under pressure

Go and fight for us

Some are frightened some are brave

Some don’t give a tinker’s curse


It was the way my father said it

That convinced me of its truth

That war is a game for idiots

A destroyer of our youth


We have a duty all of us

To bring this to an end

Follow the example of the Lord

Stand your ground my friend


Jesus spoke to his enemies

We must do the same

He spoke the truth in Pilate’s court

It’s the name of the game


Pilate poured scorn on things like that

Truth is it you say?

Stay close to it in all you do

Truth will win the day


Brian Fahy

3 April 2022

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