My uncle died because someone threw a stone

Only seven he was 1919

Careless boys at careless games

Hit him on the head

A headache that didn’t go away

Soon after he was found dead


And grown men with their tanks and guns

Still are throwing stones

But now it’s called artillery

Still leads to broken bones

And we can do such damage

Without touching anyone

No close up deadly contact

I do not feel what I have done


The careless word the exploding gun

The tank and rocket shell

All can do their deadly work

And you can go to hell

I only care for my own play

The power it gives to me

It doesn’t really matter now

Just part of history


Brian Fahy

3 April 2022


+ The gospel story today suggests that a woman should be stoned. I imagined the scene. How easy it is to kill someone without much effort on your part. Just join a gang and pick up stones and aim for head and heart.

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