Head for Heights

Hotels are just like monasteries

Long corridors and rooms

And common places to eat and drink

No wonder I felt at home


Hotel Westport suited me

In the days gone by

Margaret and I on holiday

My! How the years do fly


And Charlie rested in that spot

Before he made the climb

Mist upon the mountain

But the day is all sunshine


Five candles lit for special ones

For people in Ukraine

For workers fighting Covid

With its resulting strain


A candle for terminal illness

And one for suicide

And one for Vicky Phelan

Who could not be by his side


A million Euro so far raised

To help all those in need

And Charlie climbs his mountain

A call for us to heed


We do not know the day or hour

We do not need to know

Enough to know our mountain

And be willing for to go


Brian Fahy

2 April 2022


+ Charlie Bird, suffering from Motor Neurone disease, climbed Croagh Patrick, and was joined by thousands around the country, climbing their own local mountains, and raised over a million Euro for the two causes of Motor Neurone, and Pieta, which helps those troubled by suicide issues.

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