North by North-West

Dun Briste – broken headland

Fearful frightening sight

Blowholes in the meadow there to see

Howling wind and angry water

Waves of frothing foam

Place of lonely danger

Stay away from me


Cliffs of Ceide cliffs of mind

Sheer drop to the sea

Ragged rocks in layers facing north

Three hundred feet of nothingness

Plunge into the blue

Then down again through ocean

Nothing left of you


Cross beach on the Mullet shore

Soft and gentle sand

Inish Gloire lying there

Quiet holy land

Peaceful looking wide embrace

Gently rolling sea

Even Atlantic breakers

Seem pleasant company


Where water meets the rugged rock

There comes an angry roar

The power of tide resistant rock

Make common cause for war

But in the bay a shelving beach

Can ease the tidal force

And gentle ripples reach the shore

At journey’s end their course


Brian Fahy

31 March 2022

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