Then and Now

The sound of looms in cotton mills

Coal dust on miners’ faces

Clanking wagons carrying coal

Childhood’s industrial traces

Trolley buses on the road

Women’s coats in cotton

The parade of industrial Lancashire

Gone but not forgotten


All that harshness every day

But still a kindly people

Polished their doorsteps shiny red

And looked up to the steeple

Allotments whippets and pigeons

A pint come the weekend

And going to church on Sunday

Jesus is my friend


C of E and Methodist

Unitarian too

Catholics went to Hindsford

Boys Brigade in blue

Bugling on the Common

Sunday morning game

Football played up Wimpeys

Scoring goals our fame


Lovely church in Hindsford

Sacred sanctuary lamp

Told me that the Lord above

Was here and in my camp

The light of love still flickers

Suffering goes on

And the Lord who died on Calvary

Lives on lives on

Lives on


Brian Fahy

20 March 2022

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