Stepping Stones

Canterbury prison years ago

I was a part time chaplain

A pleasant young man asked to see me

And told me how lost he felt about life

He couldn’t see a way forward

Or a way out of his troubles

He was doubly imprisoned

Inside prison walls and inside his mental dungeon


As he talked I listened

And as I listened a picture came into my mind

Of a gently flowing stream

And of stepping stones that the overflowing water

Concealed from view


I told the young man my vision

What I saw as he was speaking

The stepping stones are there

But you cannot see them just now


Some time later back in the prison

The young man came to see me

‘You were right,’ he said

The stepping stones are there

And I am beginning to see them


Without vision the people perish

The Good Book says

Proverbs 29:18


I could have said to that young man

‘Don’t worry – it will be alright’

A fat lot of good that would do!

But I gave him an image a picture

Something he could see

A vision of the future

Inspired by that vision

He walked on


Brian Fahy

16 March 2022

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