Pack It Up

It was annoying me

It wouldn’t give me peace

It was a thing deferred delayed put off

It sat there looking at me

Put me in the box

Close the lid and tape it up

Take me to the shop


And so today I did so

Before it got too late

Brian doesn’t do practical things

Too busy in his head

Well my head was too tormented

It drove me to the task

Even you can do it

You don’t even have to ask


Life now is all peace again

Nothing I must do

Just the daily round of things

And they are very few

But a lesson for the future

Do not defer delay

Attend to what is asked of you

And go merrily on your way


Brian Fahy

14 March 2022


+ Changing my Broadband provider required me to send back the old router. It looked problematic to me but it was a simple job once I faced it.

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