Day By Day

He feels threatened

That is why he’s done it

Former Soviet states changing sides

Ukraine was part of empire

Russia’s vassal state

Till 1991

Recently only late


And playing at democracy

And heading to the West

And talk of EU membership

And Nato’s behest?

It’s all going against him

He has to call a halt

And so the guns of war ablaze

And don’t say it’s my fault


Vital to understand the foe

To see his point of view

Simply opposing him

Won’t bring nothing new

Treat him as a human

Maintain a proper stance

Pursue the power of dialogue

This way we advance


Brian Fahy

9 March 2022


+ In mediation it is vital to treat both parties with respect. We transpose problems and negatives into positive proposals for today and tomorrow. It is not a matter of ‘putting some people right’. That is not a mediator’s job. It is getting parties to engage honestly with their own feelings and intentions and to begin to walk an honest path.  If entered into properly, mediation changes lives. People change in the process and something good can begin to happen from the fall out of relationship break up.

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