Cease Fire

We’re no angels

We bombed Iraq

Not in our name we said

We did it all the same

The shock and awe attack


And Black and Tans in Ireland

Suppressing a revolt

You’re part of the British Empire

Do not be a dolt


So everyone finds a reason

For acting as they do

And Putin now sees treason

Ukraine don’t leave us too


And black is white and white is black

The language of the will

And Donald Trump is milking it

Is he with us still!


I prayed for Russia as a child

By order of the Pope

A land without the faith I heard

A land bereft of hope


Communism’s cruel creed

Does away with you

You do not matter do not count

In communism’s view


Collateral damage is what we are

In warfare’s cruel sum

An acceptable level of violence

We tolerate the gun


We are never done with quarrelling

It’s part of who we are

But fighting is a foolish game

It is a step too far


My father saw six years of war

A time when millions died

We must bring fighting to an end

For all the tears now cried


Brian Fahy

3 March 2022

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