Commandments of Life

Kill steal adultery

False witness covet covet

Honour father mother

That about just does it


Seven commandments for this world

The other three for God

And he is out of the picture

Just someone we forgot


We don’t keep any of them

Like broken stones they lie

We need to go up the mountain

We need on God to cry


Honour father mother

When young and in old age

Unless we’ve had traumatic times

That leave us in a rage


So many now in children’s homes

Who lack parental care

I wanted you I needed you

But you – you were not there


And foul abuse is everywhere

The chanting of the crowd

The angers of the multitude

House of Commons loud


Johnson with false witness

With the Savile smear

Owes Keir an apology

We’re waiting Bo we’re here


In the middle of the mayhem

The commandments stand out strong

To treat your neighbour fairly

And apologise for wrong


Brian Fahy

8 February 2022





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